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How To Clean a Night Guard – 5 Ways Explained

Jun 30, 2024151 Views

A night guard is a protective device that snugly fits your teeth to relieve pressure when your upper and lower teeth grind together. Since they are specifically worn overnight, their maintenance becomes all the more crucial for the health of your teeth. If you want insights on how to properly clean a night guard, this […]

How Long After A Root Canal Can You Eat Food?

Jun 15, 202495 Views

It is common to wonder about when you can dive back into regular meals after a dental procedure. We have all been there! While your throbbing tooth may have gotten better, you must know how long after a root canal you can eat normal food so that your treated tooth heals safely. When Can You […]

Is Sleep Apnea A Genetic Condition?

May 30, 2024169 Views

If you have seen your parents struggle with sleep apnea, you might wonder if the same awaits you. After all, DNA plays a significant role in shaping us. But is sleep apnea genetic as well? Does it fall under the category of hereditary conditions? Let’s find out. What Is Sleep Apnea And Its Types? Sleep […]

Do Dental Implants Get Cavities Like Natural Teeth?

May 15, 2024165 Views

Since dental implants are lauded for one of the best options for replacing missing teeth, questions regarding their use also arise. One of the most common queries is whether dental implants get cavities like natural teeth. Let’s find the answer to that. Are Dental Implants Prone To Develop Cavities? No, dental implants do not get […]

The Importance Of Fluoride Treatment In Dental Decay Prevention

Apr 30, 2024241 Views

Fluoride is also known as nature’s cavity fighter for its ability to prevent tooth decay. This naturally occurring mineral strengthens the tooth enamel, making it more resilient and resistant to cavities. Some studies have found that community water fluoridation (changing the quantity of fluoride in the water used for drinking) reduces tooth decay by around […]

When Is A Broken Tooth Considered An Emergency?

Apr 15, 2024243 Views

A piece of your tooth just fell off, but there is no pain; quite strange, isn’t it? While the lack of immediate discomfort might seem like good news, it is important to know whether this situation is a dental emergency or not. Tooth Fell Off, Is It An Emergency? A broken tooth is considered an […]

When Can You Eat After Getting A Dental Filling?

Mar 30, 2024310 Views

It is quite understandable to wonder when you can resume eating post a dental filling procedure. While hunger pangs cannot be put to rest, learning when you can eat after filling, the appropriate time only aids in the optimal recovery. Let’s discuss this further. Can You Eat After a Dental Filling? Yes, you can eat […]

Can Sleep Apnea Actually Kill You?

Mar 15, 2024283 Views

Have you or anyone you know not been able to snooze due to sleep apnea? Well, we understand that it is not something easy to deal with, especially because it lowers the quality of your life. If you are new to this, thinking about its seriousness and the issues with leaving it untreated is common. […]

Find Out 10 Reasons Why Your Teeth Keep Breaking

Feb 29, 2024236 Views

The human body works in mysterious ways; our tooth enamel is one of the sturdiest structures of the body that can withstand daily wear and tear from biting forces. However, it is not invincible. Sometimes, our teeth fail to handle the stress we subject them to, and they start falling apart. Once they start rolling, […]

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal?

Feb 15, 2024342 Views

Root canal therapy is a procedure that cleans out the decay and infection that has reached the pulp or root of your tooth. Your endodontist might recommend opting for this treatment when decay spreads to the soft core of your tooth, exhibiting painful symptoms. This might raise a question: how do I know if I […]



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