Cosmetic Bonding In Houston, TX

If you are in search of a conservative treatment to transform the appearance of your smile, we have the perfect solution for you. At Insight Dental Group, we offer cosmetic bonding in Houston, TX, to correct minor imperfections such as chips, cracks, or gaps between teeth. It involves the use of a tooth-colored resin that blends seamlessly with the shade of your natural teeth. With this simple, non-invasive technique, Dr. Vikram Shad and Dr. Avni Goel can uplift your dental aesthetics within a single visit!

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    Cosmetic Bonding Service

    What Can Cosmetic Bonding Correct

    It is a conservative procedure that can address minor dental flaws and enhance the appearance of your smile. Our Houston, TX, dentists recommend cosmetic bonding if you have:

    • Chipped or cracked teeth: Minor chips or cracks, especially on front teeth, may look unappealing, but we can correct them with this procedure.
    • Gaps between teeth: Our dentist can fill in small spaces between teeth with a tooth-colored resin material.
    • Stains or discoloration: With this treatment, we can improve the appearance of teeth with stubborn stains or discoloration.
    • Uneven teeth: If you have small-sized or uneven teeth, we can reform their shape with dental bonding.
    • Small cavities: We can fill minor holes or cavities on the tooth surfaces to achieve an even look.

    Process of Cosmetic Bonding In Houston, TX

    The treatment procedure is quick, effective, and typically takes less than an hour. During your appointment, our dentist will discuss your aesthetic preferences and then evaluate the condition of your teeth. We will use a guide to select a shade that closely resembles your natural teeth. Since this process does not involve enamel removal, it is a conservative treatment option compared to other alternatives. However, we may shape the tooth surface if necessary to achieve a better outcome. 

    After preparing the tooth surface for bonding, we will place the tooth-colored resin and sculpt it to create a harmonious look. Our dentist will use a special blue light to cure the material so that it remains firm in its position. In the final steps, we will polish the surface to ensure that it blends seamlessly with your smile.

    Question About Cosmetic Bonding?

    Caring for Your Bonded Teeth

    After finishing the process of cosmetic bonding, our Houston, TX, team will provide you with guidelines to help maintain the results of this treatment. We suggest reducing the intake of colored or pigmented products such as red wine, berries, coffee, etc., as they may stain your bonded teeth. Brush and floss your teeth daily to avoid plaque deposits and discoloration. 

    In addition to the at-home care routine, it is equally important to schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings. With proper care and oral hygiene maintenance, the results of this treatment can last for 7 to 10 years.

    What People Say About Us

    Some of happy patients sharing their experience with Insight Dental Group

    I was amazed how painless and comfortable I was during the whole crown replacement treatment. I didn't even feel the needle! Doctor Shad was very reassuring and totally competent and support staff are very friendly with great helpful attitudes. Highly recommend this place!

    Theresa B.

    I really appreciated how everyone, (from receptionist to doctor's assistant, including dentist himself ) made sure I understood my Treatment Plan. Taking time to make sure I understood & even visualized the status of each tooth, including my gums, & my options to address everything. All question

    S. C.

    Dr. Shad and his team provide exceptional dental care. From the warm reception to the clean clinic, the experience was outstanding. Dr. Shad's expertise and genuine care put me at ease. His gentle approach and attention to detail made the procedure comfortable.

    Rachel F.

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    It is time to let go of your insecurities and let yourself shine with confidence! We can help you achieve a vibrant, beautiful smile with cosmetic bonding in Houston, TX. Contact us at (713) 623-0700 to book an appointment. 

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