Dental Crowns In Houston, TX

If you have severely broken or damaged teeth, we can redeem their functions and aesthetics with dental crowns in Houston, TX. Our skilled team at Insight Dental Group, led by Dr. Vikram Shad and Dr. Avni Goel, utilizes the latest technology and equipment to design dental prosthetics that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Due to the versatility of this treatment, we can address various cosmetic and restorative dental needs. Schedule a consultation with our dental specialists today to get started.

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    Dental Fillings

    Benefits Of Dental Crowns

    Our professionals offer natural-looking dental crowns in Houston, TX, that provide several benefits, including:

    • They reinforce weak teeth and preserve the remaining tooth structure.
    • By encasing the visible part of your teeth, crowns protect them from further damage.
    • They are suitable for repairing teeth that are beyond the scope of dental fillings.
    • They enable you to perform normal oral functions such as biting and chewing food.
    • They blend in with the color and shape of your natural teeth to restore a perfect smile.
    • A well-fitted crown can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

    Our Procedure Of Dental Crowns In Houston, TX

    At the time of your initial visit, our dentists will evaluate your oral cavity to recommend the best type of crown for your needs. We will start the procedure by numbing your teeth and gums with a local anesthetic. Using a small drilling device, we will remove a thin slice of enamel and shape the tooth to accommodate the new prosthesis.

    Once the tooth preparation is complete, we will record digital impressions and send them to a dental lab along with the desired shade specification. Since the fabrication of a dental crown can take one to two weeks, we will place a temporary covering to protect the tooth structure.

    We will schedule a second appointment to test the fitting of the permanent crown. If it fits comfortably, we will bond it to the prepped tooth using a dental adhesive. After some finishing steps, you will be ready to smile with confidence again!

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    Dental Implants After

    Question About Dental Crowns?

    CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

    Keeping up with the latest technological advancements, our Houston, TX, clinic offers same-day dental crowns to restore your damaged or weakened teeth. With the use of CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing) technology, we design CEREC® crowns on-site and fit them over your teeth within the same visit.

    This way, you don’t have to wait for weeks before getting your new prosthetics. Once our dentist attaches the CEREC® crowns to your teeth, you will be all set to eat, speak, and smile with greater comfort and confidence. To learn further details about this procedure, schedule a consultation with our qualified dentists.

    What People Say About Us

    Some of happy patients sharing their experience with Insight Dental Group

    I was amazed how painless and comfortable I was during the whole crown replacement treatment. I didn't even feel the needle! Doctor Shad was very reassuring and totally competent and support staff are very friendly with great helpful attitudes. Highly recommend this place!

    Theresa B.

    I really appreciated how everyone, (from receptionist to doctor's assistant, including dentist himself ) made sure I understood my Treatment Plan. Taking time to make sure I understood & even visualized the status of each tooth, including my gums, & my options to address everything. All question

    S. C.

    Dr. Shad and his team provide exceptional dental care. From the warm reception to the clean clinic, the experience was outstanding. Dr. Shad's expertise and genuine care put me at ease. His gentle approach and attention to detail made the procedure comfortable.

    Rachel F.

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    Damaged or broken teeth can take a toll on your self-confidence by affecting your smile and oral functions, but we can restore them with high-quality dental crowns in Houston, TX. Call us at (713) 623-0700 to book an appointment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are dental crowns covered by insurance?

    Dental crowns that are placed as a part of restorative treatment are usually covered by most insurance policies. The exact amount of coverage, and how much you will have to pay, will vary based on your unique plan.

    Cosmetic crowns, however, may not be covered by insurance. Check with your insurance to find out if dental crowns are covered under your policy.

    How long do dental crowns last?

    Dental crowns can last as long as 15 years when they are made and placed properly. Keeping up with good oral health habits, like brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day, as well as seeing your Houston dentist every 6 months for regular cleanings and checkups can also enhance your crown’s longevity. Same-day crowns aren’t quite as durable, but they can still last for many years with the proper care.

    How do I care for my dental crown?

    To care for your dental crown, all you need to do is treat it like you would your natural teeth. Be sure to brush at least twice a day for at least two minutes and floss at least once, preferably at night. In addition to visiting your dentist every six months for regular visits, avoid snacking on overly hard or sticky foods to help extend the lifespan of your dental crown.

    How do I know if I need a dental crown?

    You may benefit from a crown if your teeth are damaged or severely decayed. If your teeth are causing you pain, discomfort, or are visibly damaged or discolored, don’t wait to schedule a consultation with your dentist, so you can find out if dental crowns can alleviate your oral health issues.

    What issues can a dental crown treat?

    Dental crowns can be used to treat teeth that have suffered damage and decay. Other candidates that could benefit from a dental crown include patients who have serious cavities, as well as those who have experienced dental trauma resulting in cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. Patients who have undergone root canal therapy will often require a crown to finish the procedure, as crowns cap the entire tooth all the way down to the gumline in order to protect it from future issues.

    In addition, because crowns can restore the shape and appearance of teeth in addition to restoring their functionality, they can be used for certain cosmetic cases where other services like veneers or dental bonding are not viable options.

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