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Consistent oral care can help maintain the health of your teeth. However, if your teeth become damaged or decayed, we can restore their structure and functions with dental fillings in Houston, TX. At Insight Dental Group, we offer different types of fillings to restore the structural integrity of your teeth. Dr. Vikram Shad and Dr. Avni Goel will examine your teeth to identify the severity of damage and recommend a type of filling that suits your needs and preferences. So, if you are concerned about tooth decay or damage, schedule an appointment with us to preserve your healthy, natural teeth.

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    Types Of Dental Fillings We Offer At Insight Dental Group

    Thanks to dental advancements, various types of filling materials are available that can effectively restore teeth. We offer high-quality dental fillings in Houston, TX, including:

    • Composite: This material consists of a mixture of resin and fine glass-like particles. It blends easily with the natural shade of your teeth, giving a realistic appearance. Additionally, composite resin is a durable material that can last for several years.
    • Amalgam: Consisting of metal alloys, amalgam is a highly resilient and stable filling material. One major drawback of amalgam is its metallic appearance, which makes it unfavorable for the restoration of anterior teeth.
    • Porcelain Inlays/Onlays: Porcelain is a well-known dental material due to its exceptional aesthetics. Using porcelain inlays or onlays, we can restore larger cavities and tooth damage while enhancing the appearance of your teeth.
    • Glass Ionomer: It is a tooth-colored material that releases fluoride into the enamel matrix, improving its strength. Because it is not highly durable, this material can be used to restore root cavities or primary teeth.

    Procedure For Dental Fillings

    During your initial consultation, our dentists will inspect the condition of your teeth to determine which type of filling will work best for you. The procedure of dental fillings at our Houston, TX, practice is simple, convenient, and typically takes a single visit. First, we will inject a local anesthetic near the damaged tooth to minimize pain and discomfort during the process. We will then remove the decayed portion of the tooth, retaining as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible.

    After tooth preparation, we will place the desired filling material and sculpt it to recreate the natural anatomy of your teeth. Composite fillings need to be cured for a few seconds before any adjustments are performed. The final steps involve finishing and polishing the surface for a smooth finish. We will also ensure that the filling material does not disturb your natural occlusion.

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    What People Say About Us

    Some of happy patients sharing their experience with Insight Dental Group

    I was amazed how painless and comfortable I was during the whole crown replacement treatment. I didn't even feel the needle! Doctor Shad was very reassuring and totally competent and support staff are very friendly with great helpful attitudes. Highly recommend this place!

    Theresa B.

    I really appreciated how everyone, (from receptionist to doctor's assistant, including dentist himself ) made sure I understood my Treatment Plan. Taking time to make sure I understood & even visualized the status of each tooth, including my gums, & my options to address everything. All question

    S. C.

    Dr. Shad and his team provide exceptional dental care. From the warm reception to the clean clinic, the experience was outstanding. Dr. Shad's expertise and genuine care put me at ease. His gentle approach and attention to detail made the procedure comfortable.

    Rachel F.

    Get Affordable Dental Fillings In Houston

    Cavities can diminish the appearance of your teeth, making you feel self-conscious about your smile. Moreover, it can also impact many normal oral functions. Let our dentists help restore the beauty of your smile with durable dental fillings in Houston, TX. Call us at (713) 623-0700 to schedule an appointment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Tooth Sensitivity Normal After Getting Fillings?

    Yes, your teeth will feel sensitive after getting dental fillings, but the sensitivity usually goes away in two to three days. You might also feel slight pain and discomfort in the region near the affected teeth. Thankfully, you can manage this pain by taking OTC painkillers. The pain also disappears within days.

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