Tooth Extractions In Houston, TX

Tooth extractions become imperative when a tooth is severely damaged or cannot be saved with restorative dental treatments. Many patients fear getting their teeth removed, but at Insight Dental Group, we utilize the latest technology to provide you with painless and comfortable tooth extractions in Houston, TX. Our qualified dentists, Dr. Vikram Shad and Dr. Avni Goel, will gently maneuver the tooth out of its socket, such that you won’t experience discomfort during or after the procedure.

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    Why Is A Tooth Extraction Needed?

    The need for tooth removal may arise due to several factors. One of the most prominent causes is severe tooth decay that cannot be restored. Once the enamel structure weakens, it becomes more prone to fractures and cracks. Furthermore, the damage or infection can spread to adjacent teeth, putting your overall oral health at risk. In this case, it is better to have such a tooth removed.

    At our Houston, TX, office, we also perform tooth extractions as part of orthodontic treatments. Another common indication for tooth removal is wisdom tooth impaction. Partial or complete impaction of wisdom teeth can cause severe pain, discomfort, and other complications. Primary teeth that do not fall off at the right time can also disrupt the normal eruption pattern. So, they need to be removed to make room for permanent teeth.

    Procedure For Extractions In Houston

    Understanding the distress that often occurs before a tooth extraction, our dental office is committed to creating a serene and supportive environment for our patients. The procedure begins with a dental exam, in which we may also record digital X-rays to visualize the areas not visible during clinical evaluation. Prior to the treatment, we provide complete procedure details to ease your nerves.

    The first step is the administration of a local anesthetic that effectively numbs the tooth and surrounding soft tissues. Our dentist will use manual instruments to gently pull the tooth from the socket. The process of surgical extraction is more complex, requiring a longer duration. After completion, we will apply gauze to the site and provide post-treatment instructions to facilitate a smooth healing process.

    Question About Extractions?

    Recovery Time Period From A Tooth Extraction

    It is easier to recover after a simple tooth removal since it does not involve any complex techniques. Typically, the healing period lasts for 10 to 14 days. However, surgical tooth extraction requires a longer recovery period of 3 to 4 weeks. After performing extractions in Houston, TX, we will provide detailed guidelines to help you recover properly. Some discomfort, pain, or swelling during the first 24 hours is to be expected, but these symptoms typically resolve within one to two days. By diligently following our guidelines and maintaining proper oral hygiene, you can ensure a seamless recovery process.

    What People Say About Us

    Some of happy patients sharing their experience with Insight Dental Group

    I was amazed how painless and comfortable I was during the whole crown replacement treatment. I didn't even feel the needle! Doctor Shad was very reassuring and totally competent and support staff are very friendly with great helpful attitudes. Highly recommend this place!

    Theresa B.

    I really appreciated how everyone, (from receptionist to doctor's assistant, including dentist himself ) made sure I understood my Treatment Plan. Taking time to make sure I understood & even visualized the status of each tooth, including my gums, & my options to address everything. All question

    S. C.

    Dr. Shad and his team provide exceptional dental care. From the warm reception to the clean clinic, the experience was outstanding. Dr. Shad's expertise and genuine care put me at ease. His gentle approach and attention to detail made the procedure comfortable.

    Rachel F.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Some Tips to Promote Recovery After Tooth Extraction?

    To promote the healing of the extraction wound, you’ll want to steer clear of strenuous activities and physical exercise. These may raise your heart rate and eject the clot on the wound, causing dry socket. You’ll also want to avoid using a straw or sucking on anything, or the pressure might also dislodge the clot.

    At the same time, stick to a diet of soft foods and liquids like noodles, eggs, and yogurt. Also, avoid chewing on the affected area, and don’t take spicy food, which might irritate the extraction wound.

    How Long Is Extraction Recovery?

    The clot on the extraction wound should fully form 48 to 72 hours after the extraction. During this period, dentists recommend resting and avoiding strenuous activity to allow the clot to form properly. Once the clot forms appropriately, the soft tissue in the extraction site takes three to four weeks to heal.

    When Does Pulling a Tooth Become Necessary?

    A tooth extraction is necessary when you have severe dental decay that can’t be salvaged by a root canal or regular dental fillings. This occurs when the cavity from the decay is too large for other treatments. You’ll also need a tooth extraction if you badly fracture your tooth and don’t get to the dentist in time.

    You might also need to extract impacted teeth in your jaw to allow other teeth to grow correctly. The same goes for crowded teeth, where extracting one or two crowded teeth will allow the other teeth to grow straight.

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